Neologic - Classic Mix 2014

Artist: Neologic
Title:  Classic Mix
Genre: Prog-Trance
Rel. Date: Sep.2014
Size:128 MB

01.Neologic - Long Ride (Original Mix)
02.Neologic vs Beat Hunters - Logical Beats (Darth e Vader Remix)
03.Adam K - Crooks in the Kitchen (Original Mix)
04.Neologic - Let Bass Be Louder + Exhilaration (Live Mix)
05.Jibberdee vs CircularCore - Puffed Up (Neologic Remix)
06.Perfect Cell e Darth e Vader - Cellbaca (Neologic Remix)
07.Lazy Rich Ft. Belle Humble - The Chase (Original Mix)
08.Neologic - Jungle (Original Mix)
09.Stonewash & Fagault - Violet (Lazy Rich Remix)
10.Kill the Noise - Rockers (Original Mix)
11.Dirty Ducks, Anderblast - Hammer (Original Mix)
12.Zuri - Trapfield (Neologic Remix)
13.Daniel Forster - Next Place (Neologic Remix)